Diabetic Retinopathy
    • What is it;

It is it a number of damages associated with malfunction of blood vessels due to diabetes. epipefikitida

    • Causes ;

The cause is diabetes mellitus, a disease that mainly affects blood vessels and nerves. Both these tissues are in abundancy in the eye. Malfunction of blood vessels causes a decrease in blood flow to these tissues that leads to the formation of numerous new vessels (neovascularization) which are of bad quality and may easily bleed. These new blood vessels expand irregularly and may block the area that regulates the outflow of the humor produced inside the eye, thus leading to neovascular glaucoma. amfivlistroidis

    • Symptoms;

Vision problems are the most common symptoms that will lead the patient to a doctor. Special diagnostic tests such as fluorangiography, are essential in the correct diagnosis. amfivlistroidis

  • Treatment ;

The most important aspect of treatment is the frequent examination, aiming to early diagnosis. Laser treatment is essential in diabetic retinopathy and can be repeated if necessary. Advanced cases may be treated surgically with a procedure known as vitrectomy. amfivlistroidis amfivlistroidis