Femto Laser LDV Ziemer

The LDV is the only representative of the new generation of Femtosecond Lasers, used by the global ophthalmic community, as it incorporates leading technological characteristics.

-Today it is undoubtedly the most modern and reliable method of creating flaps for refractive surgery.
-Provides more possibilities for cornea surgery.
-Provides safer and more predictable process.
-The surgery becomes less painful for the patient.

– The operating frequency of this Laser is in the range of MHz when the operating frequencies of the “competing” systems commercially available do not exceed the range of KHz. – The laser spot is 10 times smaller than other available systems.
– The combination of high-frequency with smaller size laser spot, result in the use of energy in the scale of Nano-Joules, when the energy of the most widely used systems is in the scale of micro-Joules.
– The combination of the above characteristics minimizes any potential Femtosecond Laser complications, such as OBL, DLK, and TLS.
– It uses a soft electronic vacuum system with automatic monitoring during flap creation.
– It provides the best operation environment for the patient, with multiple safety systems and self-calibrating features.