• What is it?

It is a disorder of the cornea (the transparent anterior part of the eye). In keratoconus, the cornea has lost its normal curvature, leading to a conical protrusion mainly located infero-temporally.

    • Causes

The etiology is not yet completely clarified. There is a hereditary basis causing a decrease in the number of bonds between collagen fibrils (the building blocks) of corneal stroma.

    • Symptoms

The main symptom is a decrease in vision which cannot be corrected with glasses. In advanced cases, a number of other symptoms may appear, such as eye-redness and pain.

    • Treatment

There is no radical treatment. Up to day, we have been using special contact lenses and intracorneal rings – in advanced cases – in an attempt to normalize corneal curvature. Corneal transplantation may be necessary in final advanced stages. Collagen cross-linking is the latest and most promising therapeutic method applied with great success over the last few years and aiming to strengthen the corneal tissues, thus stabilizing the condition.


Hellenic Association of People with Keratoconus