For some years now it was possible to create a flap in Lasik with a specialized laser (FEMTO), without using a mechanical device in the procedure.
Z-Lasik is the latest and most advanced evolution of this procedure. This method uses a very high-frequency beam -100 times faster than the previous generation of laser- in order to create the flap.
Z-lasik is the most modern and safe method of correcting myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism with laser. The quality of vision after surgery is better than ever before

– Extremely low impact on the eye: minimizing the time of surgery we achieve the lowest possible discomfort for the eye.
– Painless and comfortable: the patient has little sense of the surgery.
– Enables surgery in patients who were excluded as candidates: the formation of ultra-thin flaps saves tissue, so we can help patients with thin corneas.

The experience gained from over 2.000.000 Z-Lasik treatments clearly demonstrates that those who underwent this procedure:
– Experienced no pain or discomfort during surgery.
– Achieved excellent vision, without grasses.
– Were more pleased with the result of the surgery than they expected.

“During surgery I felt dazzled by the lights but I didn’t feel any pain”
Ioanna T.

“At first I was nervous. But the whole process was so quick and painless that I was relayed and bothered at all”
Vasilis N.